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Develop a "Task Assignment and Monitoring Database" to improve employee performance, increase management efficiency, and productivity by creating a standardized trans-agency web-based task monitoring database. It should be simple and easy to use unlike many elaborate project management tools. A daily task check-in for employees and managers would improve performance across the board. There will always be those few employees who don't want to carry their share of the workload and be accountable for their work. As a manager, staying on top of these employees is time-intensive and often occurs at the cost of other high-priority projects. To assist managers in overseeing the work of all employees, I suggest that GSA or another appropriate Federal agency develop a task assignment and monitoring database that can be used to enter, monitor, and provide feedback on specific tasks to be used on a daily or less frequent basis. It should be created by a single entity and shared among all agencies. Creating a single tool for all agencies is very cost efficient. Such a system would be the ideal means of monitoring the work of those who telework. The database would free up valuable manager time by reducing face-to-face meetings, etc. Another advantage to such a system is to be able to evaluate employee performance at mid-year and end-of-year. An online calendar will assist managers in collecting performance data per quarter, etc.

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