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Save Tax Payer's Money

Congress took a $500 a month pay raise two or three years ago, that equates to a $6000 a year pay raise. I would like to have a pay raise that much at one time each month also. With all the pay cuts in the budget, they keep going after social security, health benefits, military, the elderly, the retired, etc. I believe that Congress should be looking closer to home and start cutting their own pay. Medical benefits should be at a premium, but that premium shouldn't be from the tax payers. As Jesse Ventura said, nobody is going to spend $18M to advertise for a job that only pays $180K a year. That money could be better spent on the communities they represent and could be used to lower a small, a very small, portion of the defecit. If more money is needed, a co-pay for medical expenses is not that much more to have to pay, but that co-pay needs to come from the salary already being paid to members of Congress and not another $6000 a year pay raise. Congress shouldn't be guaranteed a retirement only after serving one year. That is like those CEO's of the banks that only managed for three months and were fired and received a $212M severence pay. To represent the community should be an honor, not an entitlement to steal tax payer's money. Write contracts that only mean what they mean, not a health care bill that allows donkeys in Michigan to be raised and benefits go to the farmer for raising them. What does that have to do with the health care bill? Make the bills more easy to read, and actually read them. Put all the money that was cut from the budget back into Social Security, it won't fix the defecit, but it will at least pay back a portion of the debt owed to the American people for stealing from that fund over the last 75 years. Quit paying money to countries that don't like us and want to kill us.

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