Department of Agriculture

Save Money on Travel and Training

In the department of AG in my state, many of the vehicles we drive are trucks. We have long distances to cover for field work, and the largest item we ever carry in those trucks are ATVs. In addition we have several 2-wheel drive pickup trucks, presumably to save on the cost of a 4-wheel drive. However, given that we can't take the 2-wheel drive pickup where we can take the 4-wheel drive, why have a pickup at all? Why not buy some crew cab vehicles (4-door sedans, 4-door SUVs, and crew cab trucks) so that when we travel in large groups to trainings we are taking 4 people in a vehicle rather than 1 or 2 in a single cab pick-up? We would greatly reduce the cost of fuel to travel to trainings, and reduce our carbon emissions at the same time. By buying vehicles that carry more than 2 people we could also select for vehicles that get better gas mileage, further increasing our cost savings.


Another way to reduce costs of training is to have more teleconferences, web meetings, or live meetings, which would take hours, instead of days of training. This would also reduce the cost of lodging, per diem, and travel.


I would like the administration to know that I think it is a great idea to ask the people running things at ground level, where the government can save money, because we are the ones that see the government’s workings in action, and we know what can be made better. Kudos.


You could call this the Train and Travel Smarter Initiative.

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