Department of the Interior

Save Millions each month, Eliminate the TAV Fee in GovTrip

My area office employs 65 people, over 30 of them travel on a regular basis to locations throughout the Mid-Pacific Region. Today I processed 9 separate trips for 6 different people. Every trip immediately incurs a $15 TAV fee in GovTrip for every Authorization processed. Every trip requires an Authorization be completed in GovTrip regardless of the length and the type of travel. This fee is added even when the traveler uses a GOV and no hotel is required, and the trip will take longer than 12 hours. This means that today alone our office paid $135 only in fees. On weeks when I register my engineers for conferences this could easily become $675 for the week, just in fees alone. This does not take into account the cost of flights or rental cars, or even the actual cost of the hotel. Right now it is mandatory for us to use GovTrip to book all travel authorizations including hotel reservations. In one single month alone, the Federal government could save Millions of Dollars by removing this single up-front fee from the travel authorizations process. I can understand paying a fee for travel that requires an agent’s intervention. But on authorizations which use the internet are fully automated, and are processed by the Federal traveler there should be no additional cost involved. At the very least allow hotels to be booked outside of GovTrip as long as they are within per diem limits. Using an office travel coordinator would ensure that these rules are maintained.

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