Department of Energy

Save Green By Going Green

The FERC issued orders 888 & 889 in 1996 which gave all power producers equal access to the Nation'a electricity transmission lines. As such, customer now have a choose where they can purchase their power. Thus, the Federal Government, as a customer, should select VIRIDAN Energy as its choice for its electricity provider. The benefits include: protection of the envirnoment; health; lower prices; options to select greerner rate plans (the 20% Renewable or the 100% Renewable Plan, and no change to the services provided by the current provider; no fees or long term contracts. Viridian is a socially responsible energy company providing greener electricity at an affordable price.

Summary, the Federal Government should purchase its electrical power to power all federally owned, lease/rented facilities in the States Viridian services now and in the future.



Idea No. 17988