Office of Personnel Management

Save $96M per year by using 1/4 less lighting (electricity)

Fluorescent lights are relatively economical but what they save per bulb is lost by volume and duration.


The electricity used to power 1 Bulb costs approximately 15$ per year**


In one small part of my office (that houses approximately thirty employees), I count 36 light fixtures. That’s 72 lights --- or an electrical cost of $1,152 annually.


That’s $38.40 per employee annually, JUST for the electricity that powers the bulbs (not the cost of the bulbs themselves).


Of course, situations will vary by office, but multiply that figure times every single employee in the U.S. Government. (x’s 10,000, x’s 100,000 x’s 10 million….)


Cost: $384,000,000***


That is substantial, and it DOES NOT even account for bathroom, parking lots or personal desk lamps.


If one out of every two fluorescent bulbs is removed (1 light out of every 4), the cost to light an office goes down by ¼, or approximately $95 million per year --- and with almost no change to the visibility level in the office.


Savings: $96,000,000****


This figure raises exponentially if personal desk lamps are removed and if a Mandatory Full computer shut down @ COB is enforced.




**For Flourescent, 60 watt equivalent light bulb, assuming its on 24 hours a day

***Cost per individual times 10 million

**** 384,000,000 x’s 1/4



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