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Save $500 Billion: Use 2 Shifts Not 1 for All Gov Employees

The Government could save $50 billion per year by having two shifts of white collar employees work each day. Office space costs $50,000/year for each employee yet we only use space 30% of time. We can no longer afford to have banker's hours for all. With over 2 million federal employees this cost-free paradigm change could avoid lay offs/furloughs and reduce pollution. This would cut overhead per employees in half. Savings equals $25,000 times 2 million employees and hundreds of thousands of contractors or $500 billion over the next ten years. This might be enough savings to resolve the budget deficit deadlock. And it cause no loss of income to local communites, no new taxes, and no cuts in entitlements.


If adopted by federal, state, and local government and private industry this simple plan will help in the following ways:


•Save federal gov a trillion dollars in next 10 years

•Exactly amount needed for universal healthcare

•Reduce white-collar overhead costs by 50%

•Reduce carbon footprint of office space by 50%

•Reduce budget deficits for most state governments

•Reduce our dependence on foreign oil

•Make American workers competitive in the global economy

•Improve profits for all businesses and

•Increase tax receipts for state/fed governments

•Businesses can hire more employees & lower prices



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