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Save $3.2 Billion: Army Organic Fixed Wing Close Air Support

In a March 1997 CBO report, “Reducing the Deficit Spending and Revenue Options,” DEF-16, “Make the Army Responsibility for Close Air Support (CAS),” the CBO proposed a revolutionary idea to decrease deficit spending. The report stated that transferring responsibility for CAS from the USAF to the Army would save the Department of Defense (DOD) $3.2 billion over 5 years in 1997 fiscal terms. Not mentioned in the report is how this idea will enhance air support capability to the war-fighter including but not limited to:

- Establishing a “proactive” air support capability verses a “reactive” response

- Decreased demand for non-renewable fuel and aviation fuel consumption

- Increased USAF Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC), US Army Joint Forward Observer (JFO), US Army Attack Weapons Team (AWT), US Army Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and USAF Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform exercise and real world seamless battlefield integration

- Decreased kinetic “kill chain” time-line

- Ability to operate from Forward Operating Bases (FOB) increasing on-station time

- Ability to sustain JTAC and JFO currency requirements at a 70% cost advantage to the DOD

- Reduced sensor to shooter delay

- Maximize mission ISR support

- Provide US Army Ground Commanders with more control in order to task assets in support of ground units within their ground space as the tactical situation dictates

- Provide immediate and accurate light kinetic fires and effects minimizing collateral damage and civilian casualties

- Increased ISR target tracking

- Increased aircrew area of operation (AO) familiarity

- Provide direct control of CAS and supporting fires

- Re-enforcing and fostering new building partnership capacity (BPC) with friendly nations with an establish or bourgeoning JTAC and/or JFO program

- Enhancing air support capability in support of Full Spectrum Operations (FSO): Offensive, Defensive, Stability and Support



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