Department of State

Save $2.5 Billion in Foreign Aid for Climate Change

The 2011 budget allotted $2.5 billion to "Help Developing Nations to Adapt to Climate Change."


Stop this.


Here is the exact wording from the Bill under Department of State at the government website.


Help Developing Nations to Adapt to Climate Change and Pursue Low-Carbon Development. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, the United States will spur the development and dissemination of clean energy technologies and increase the sequestration of carbon stored in soils, plants, and trees. The United States will take prompt, substantial action to help vulnerable countries adapt and build resilience to the effects of climate change. The top priority is to support the development of low-carbon development strategies that contain measureable, reportable, and verifiable actions,

laying the groundwork for meaningful reductions

in national emissions trajectories.



Idea No. 8537