Office of Personnel Management

Save $150 Million with no cost or oversight, Bottom - up Savings

There are no slam dunks --- we need to find little ways to save and help them multiply.


$150,000,000.00 can be saved INSTANTLY, with NO overhead by completing three steps.*


1. Use ¼ Less Flourescent bulbs in the Office

2. Initiate a Mandatory FULL computer shutdown (PC’s, Monitors and Speakers) @ COB everyday, and,

3. Remove ALL personal Printers.


These three steps require no oversight, overhead or special planning/equipment. EVERY office in the government can do it right now on their own and the savings begin IMMEDIATELY.


But these are only three methods. We can continue this trend by using 1 less pen, printing one less file, lowering the A/C one less degree and so on.


There are no, top down, "do and save a trillion dollar" solutions --- The Federal Government is comprised of hundreds of agencies with very, very different jobs and responsibilities. Whereas one suggestion could save an agency a billion it can cost another 2 billion.


If EVERY employee, EVERY team, in EVERY department, of EVERY agency finds little ways to save money --- then we all win.



*For a full explanation on all three of these steps please check my Community Page and view each of the three listings.



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