Department of Transportation

Save $100B, stop the CA High Speed Rail Project

The much advertised high speed rail system, advanced by this administration as a key to the economic recovery of this nation, should be eliminated. High speed rail funds for rail lines in Florida and Wisconsin were turned away by their respective governors for a variety of reasons, including the long term financial costs that those states do not want to bear to operate unnecessary, politically motivated rail systems.


California politicians are still pursuing their high speed rail system in spite of strong opposition based on pragmatic issues, including; the estimated $100B, or greater, price tag, unrealistic exaggerated ridership estimates, the lack of a business plan to operate the train if it is ever built, a route that is determined by politics, rather than ridership needs, and the seizure of private land via eminent domain to allow it to be built. The proposed California rail system has been repeatedly criticized as being unsustainable by transportation and economic experts, and yet it persists. The apparent fact that much of the funding will go to China, the likely supplier of the rail equipment and construction 'expertise' required to build this rail system, and not to local or national suppliers, is in direct conflict with the apparent goal of this project to stimulate the US economy. On the contrary, it will stimulate the Chinese economy, and leave the tax payers in the USA with a fiscal albatross for decades to come. Another stated goal of the CA high speed rail project is to alleviate traffic congestion in the Los Angeles metro area, and the San Francisco Bay area. How a train running between those two urban centers will mitigate traffic in those urban centers is thus far, poorly defined. The fact that mass transit within both of those urban centers is somewhat dysfunctional, and desperate for their own economic stimulus plans, is not addressed by this train project, also further speaks to the poor planning involved with this project.



Idea No. 16815