Department of Defense

"Sanity Checking" New Ideas With Affected Users

Create a website where process and policy changes are announced prior to implementation and allow direct feedback on these ideas. Idea originators would be able to select targeted groups which would be affected by these ideas and receive direct feedback and a "sanity check" about if it’s a good idea or not.


Example: Transition from a Government Travel Credit Card to a Government Travel Debit Card


Result: Users could "Like" or "Dislike" this idea and provide feedback. Many of the issues which gov & mil members are facing with this new program, could have likely been foreseen and hopefully avoided by obtaining a wide range of user feedback on the idea prior to mass implementation


Example: Installing emoticon's (those various faces on instant messenger) on AFSOC radio's to better communicate a situation


Result: The user would probably tell you this is not a very good idea and is not practical on the battlefield. This would save lots of time and money by killing the idea before it was implemented.


The system would allow for more troubleshooting to occur prior a new idea being enacted. It would also hopefully help identify bad or impractical ideas before they become an issue.


Obviously not all decisions could or should be subject to mass debate however, there are many which would benefit from it.



Idea No. 6011