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Safe Water and route it to needed areas

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Many areas of the US are flooding every year while other areas in our country are suffering from a constant drought. The idea is to have more dams or simply build more pools and store water for later redistribution. We pipe oil anywhere we want; over mountains and under water. The same idea should work for water which is even more precious than anything else on earth. We just have not come to realize the value until it’s too late for some.


Pools to save water do not have to be that deep or underground. They can be built above ground. We have the real estate available in many states. They water stored in some dry areas could be also used to put out fires. Pumping stations are also required and a plan to cover all or most of the country. By having water in certain states like AZ, UT, and TX, we can encourage new cities and towns to be built and release the overpopulation we have in certain crowded cities.


Billions of gallons of rain water are lost every year from storms that flood entire towns. If we store that water for later use or distribute it for immediate use for those who need it most, we could not only save money but also lives of those who lose towns and their lives due to flooding and those who lose animals and plantations due to drought.

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