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Many installations pride themselves on golf courses, fountains, parks and the amazing green grass they offer. Many bases are in areas where grass is NOT normal. Desert or mountain climates simply do not have the green grass offered in other lush places. Most installations spend millions on keeping the base green, putting down sod 4 or 5 times per year in the same places because it dies. The sod does not grow from the salt and chemicals they spray or use during the year to keep the roads clean/safe. Why are we spending money on SOD when it simply won’t grow? Why are we planting trees in areas that are not plagued by erosion? Why is it OK to spend taxpayer money on making a base "look" good when they barely function properly? ALL bases should be restricted to allow basic landscaping to mow or trim for safety purposes. No other items should be allowed until the budget is fixed. ROCK should be put down in the areas (next to roads and run off) where the grass does NOT grow. By doing long-term rock or permanent based landscaping now, we can save millions in the next few years.



Idea No. 3026