Social Security Administration

SS Disability Grid Rules need to be changed/updated

I believe that the Medical-Vocational Guidelines or Grid Rules, found in 20 CFR Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 2 need serious review and updates/changes. It is totally ridiculous that an individual as young as age 45 must be found disabled under the Grid Rules and thus collect SS disability benefits/SSI benefits if they cannot speak English and have never worked for whatever the reason or have only had "unskilled" past work experience, if they are limited to "sedentary work" which is essentially an ability to lift/carry 10 pounds, sit for 6 hours, and stand/walk for 2 hours, in an 8-hour workday (Grid Rule 201.17). In addition, an individual must be found disabled and qualifies for benefits if they are age 50 have a limited or high school education but are limited to sedentary work and have history of unskilled work or can no longer perform their past work (can be due to a variety of reasons, for example, was at a higher exertional level). This is outrageous and a slap in the face to the working men and women of this country who honestly wait until at least age 62 to collect SS retirement.

I suggest that the age requirement for each Table of Medical-Vocational Rules be raised at least Five Years for each category.

And this is only part of what should be changed in CFR 20, Part 404/416.



Idea No. 5893