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The best idea I can think of would be to implement an internet shared drive between all of the agencies. Only information that needs to be shared on there will be posted, with access given to only those requested by the creator and modifying availability only allowed to a certain few. By utilizing the internet as storage for documents, we will no longer have to use burn bags and we will greatly reduce our storage costs. Because we use so many hard copies of documents, we waste office space by storing copies for a legally mandated amount of time. These documents range from nonsensical letters that get mailed to DHS, to legal documents by the ton that need to be scanned and reviewed. If we could all just coordinate the conversation, we could have a lot less papers on our desks and a lot more money in our pocket. It may be a stretch, but with Amazon Cloud and the up and coming online free storage areas, I'm sure we can securely store documents without having to ship them away in boxes when we're through.


As an added bonus, we'd also be wasting less paper resources and therefore going green! Like I said, kind of a stretch, but if we all come together to support this change I'm sure our combined efforts will pan out wonderfully. Separated we know can only so much, together we can learn a great deal.

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