Department of the Treasury

SF50 Updates to Email/Discovery

Save Millions and improve Quality and Customer Service by 100%. SF50's are required inside the IRS for almost everything that happens to an employee. Most importantly the SF50's are used any time a employee is moved and may be completed for certain details. Currently email addresses and the Discovery Directory are not updated for some time after the changes are made this makes it extremely difficult to locate employees. Employees laid off are totally removed from the system. Thousands if not millions of hours are used by management and MITS to constantly input and remove employees from both email and the Discovery Directory. My suggestion is that now that the IRS is going to leave employees on Email so they can apply for jobs through USA jobs and get their PAY STUBS from agency systems during their time in NON WORK STATUS and WELL AS WORK STATUS that the SF50 be used to automatically update the EMAIL and DISCOVER DIRECTORY systems. Both systems are electronic and even the SF50 process is electronic therefore all that is needed is either a direct connection from the SF50 program to these systems or a nightly tape/download would keep these records in both Email and Discover 100% correct accept for human error on a daily basis. I also suggest that seasonal employees who are laid off merely show in NON-WORK Status.



Idea No. 3408