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SELL EXCESS INVENTORY (Autos,equipment,real estate,etc.

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When you're BROKE you start trimming least important up till you balance, this would apply to everyone including the government. Land prices are high that would be the fastest, salvage is high(junk), get rid of leases and easements thru buybacks, sell industrial parks that have not performed, {IN OTHER WORDS CUT ALL FAT TILL WE HAVE A BALLANCED BUDGET and this would work for local and state as well.} I'm concerned mainly for my children and grandchildren, as responsable adults it is our duty to them. Everytime in my life I've been low on funds I had to go thru it the best way I could find and everytime I would have to sacrifice something, but I never gave up and I'm sure that we as an AMERICAN PEOPLE will work out of this delima. Special Interest Groups are like a new automobile if you can afford one that's find, otherwise you scale down to your budget, not borrow as many has done or would want to. IT IS TIME TO SAY NO TO ALL SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, but I do believe we're to take care of the needy, sick, elderly, and orphans above all else.

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