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SAVE award, HBPC

As a homecare RN I have seen an abundance of waste on all sides of the spectrum from Govt, patient, and so on. The biggest way I think the government can SAVE is to revamp and reteach physicians, patients, nurses, pharmacists on medication ordering. As it is now in our system anyways:: Everytime a doctor updates a medication whether its a renewal, dosage change, etc the pharmacy automatically sends new medications. Now the MD can hit a spec. button to have it not sent out but whether it is a knowledge defecit for a choice im not sure but either way patients end up with a huge abundance of medications that stock up and they do not need them. Also, during patients "annual" visits at times MD's do a "reorder" for ALL patients meds so a few days after their appointment the patient gets about 3 boxes full of every med they are on (despite them already having 10 bottles of the same meds in the home).. Most of the time these guys aren't paying copays so the government just ate the cost of all those meds, and this happens all the time. We need to redue the system so that meds DO NOT come unless asked by patient, family, caregivers, homemakers, etc... Unless extenuating circumstances of a patient who is alone and cannot do him/herself.



Thank you! Nina Godin/Romano, HBPC. VAMC



Idea No. 7378