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SAVE Moral

fMoral is at an all time low in 2011. With the threat of cutbacks and potential layoffs, it is no wonder that the federal employee is wondering what the next step will be. At this point, Management (including) president needs to stop blaming the staff for the financial crisis, but to plan the mismanagement of the budget for each Agency.


The Buck should stop there and to drag the hardworking civil servants is not fair nor deserved.


Recommend you support the employees, stop talk of Furloughs or RIFs, reign in the Budget and do not punish an agency or office if they don't use all of their budget by lowering the amount the next year!


Even a better step would be to help the moral by taking 33% of the savings and give out as Cash Awards as an incentive. What a differene it would make with the moral! Of course this is only a suggestion, but it is a hope by one federal employee. Thank you.



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