EXOP - Office of the Vice President


Honorable Vice-President and President. While the winners do get a personal audience with the President, which is a great honor; I propose: Since we have lost our cost of living raise, had our Step increases delayed for years, had our medical and other incentives we pay increased, that if we WIN this award, please provide a Cash Incentive, rather than a meeting with the President. Save the plane, hotel, and other amenities, Please, we, ...or at least, I am speaking for myself, with my husband who has lost his small business and is unemployed, could use money more than a chance to get to me you. (no offense of any kind intended). My husband is also a Civil Service Retiree-27 yrs QASAS, 13 moves in 18 yrs. and has been unable to obtain a job as an Annuitant. (He did not want to take the early out, he was in a bad accident and was not expected to work again, but fully recoverd in 3 yrs.) This is not additional money-only the money used to bring the person to meet the President, you could make it optional. This is NOT an increase of any kind; others are suggesting that, not me. But thank you for your kindness. There could also be an option to simply decline altogether; this would save a minimum of $500. While I realize this may not be a huge savings to some, as a taxpayer, I would value someone taking that option as well, or the person gets 1/3 if they do not take the trip, still a savings, though not a huge savings. Many people are going without dental work, and other necessities, due to this economy, even this low amount makes a difference. It is a savings.

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Idea No. 6470