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Roof Top Solar Cells to Reduce Electricity Expense

The Patent Office has been described as using the cooling capacity of 2,000 homes (1). The Patent Office uses enormous amounts of electricity to power the air conditioners, computers, lights, etc; and the patent office has the potential to save enormous amounts of money by adding solar cells to the vast roofs of the buildings. Based upon the limited available information of the Patent Offices electricity billing, a conservative estimate of the savings that the patent Office could receive over a 25-year period, with the offset of 200 MWh/month of electricity, is $12,183,552 This estimate was prepared using the calculator from Also, conservative assumptions were made in the calculation including: $8 per watt DC, electric rate 0.121/kWh, 3.78 % utility annual inflation rate, and net metering. Citation(s) 1 –



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