Department of Defense

Roof Asset Management

Currently roof systems are routinely completely, and often prematurely, removed and replaced on Navy facilities without proper evaluation to determine the real need, alternatives for replacement or alternatives to replacement (e.g., effective repair) , consideration for overlay of existing roof system versus removal, and potential reuse of components of the existing roof system like insulation. A process to require a roof system evaluation by a knowledgeable and experienced person (experienced architect, engineer, technician knowledgeable in roof systems evaulation and engineering) as a part of the roof planning process has the potential to save $100's of millions per year in unnecessary roof replacement expenditures. The evaluation should give consideration to potentially effective roof repairs, overlays, rehabilitation (e.g, use of waterproof roof coatings), and other less expensive approaches for service life extension of existing roof systems and materials as part of the programing and funding process. Each alternative and its projected iconstruction cost and service life expectancy should be addressed in the programming/funding documentation and only the cost effective, technically acceptable/recommended alternative(s) considered for implementation. This approach would identify potentially cost effective alternatives to wholesale roof system removal and replacement and contribute to conservation of natural resources by avoiding unnecessary roof replacements. The evaluation process would pay for itself many times over with any savings realized from implementation of alternative approach to total roof system removal and replacement. For example, a 20,000 square foot low-slope insulated roof system removal and replacement might cost $300,000. However, if a $3,000 evaluation determines that the roof can be coated for $100,000 and provide for a minimum of 10-years additional roof service life, a $197,000 or 65% savings is realized. It adds up quickly.

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