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Revoke State Driver Licenses/IDs found on Deportable Aliens

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Revocation Standards for United States Drivers’ Licenses/ Identification Cards: Implementation of multi-agency (Department of Public Safety and CBP) standard procedures to mandate reporting of all US State-issued drivers’ licenses or identification cards encountered on deportable illegal aliens in the field during processing and removal from United States. Persons who are not 1) US Citizens 2) Lawfully Present in the United States will have their cards removed and returned to the respective Department of Public Safety with documentation as deemed necessary.


Furthermore, cards encountered with names that do not match the name of the deportable illegal alien should be reported stolen to the respective Department of Public Safety.


This reduction in exploitation and use of fraudulently obtained cards will improve the speed of government and improve efficiency not only at the Federal level but at the State level as well. Elimination of multiple benefits and services illegally received through presentation of these (fraudulently obtained) identification cards (while illegally present in the US) will offer savings across numerous governmental agencies.

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