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Revenue generation through energy load curtailment

Industry partners are taking advantage of an energy program they call load curtailment. In a nutshell, the load curtailment season runs from June to May typically, so we missed 2011. The company, agency in this case, would be given a sum of money to participate in this program by reducing energy use during peak periods when and if the power company requested the participant to do so. In the agreement, it allows the power company to pull your load off the grid, after communicating the need and proper coordination, forcing the facility to run on backup generators. If the power company requests the participant to execute load curtailment, the participating company would be paid additional money.

Not all power companies participate in the program but Industry companies have executed this in pockets across the nation. This alleviates the need for these power companies to build additional infrastructure as they're required to maintain a certain amount of power for peak usage....a win win for both parties. Participants need to have a good understanding of their infrastructure to determine the sites and locations where this could apply. There is potential to save millions if not billions if all government sites (ie. computing centers, et al) with generator backup capability could participate (subject to city noise ordinances).

The link below provides more detail on different programs being offered:



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