Social Security Administration

Revamp Employee Cash Awards

No one really works harder all year long for a couple hundred dollars, but you can make a hard working employee work less by giving them a smaller award than someone else. Therefore, I propose settin a standard amount for each service objective in SSA. Reward everyone in the office if the targets are met, with the same award- since everyone in a field office contributes to meeting service objectives. For instance, RSHI timeliness over 93%- eveyone gets $25.00. RZ goal missed- no award given. Each goal made employees get money, each one missed, no money. This would encourage the offices to work together better, and would end the subjective de-motivating awards process. Team awards based on numerical data are much easier to justify and would save the Agency money not only in giving fewer awards, but also in Union actions defenses when employees feel they have been overlooked.



Idea No. 13647