Department of Veterans Affairs

Revamp Department of Veteran's Affairs Operations

Following the terrible experience with my father at the Oklahoma City VA Hospital Emergency Room/Hospital, I suggest to close all VA hospitals. Allow veterans to obtain primary health care from private, local providers using a Federally issued credit card for veteran's benefits, much like an insurance card. Current VA employees can seek employement with local hospitals and clinics if they are qualified. Controls can be implemented to ensure the government isn't charged any more for a treatment than would be charged to a normal patient. Providers can be rated by veterans and published so that vets can go to the best providers. Those that fall below the mark will not get the business. The current arrangement allows the VA to exist without consequence for providing EXPSENSIVE poor service to our Veterans. Private industry would benefit from the increased patient base. Jobs would be created to help absorb the better former DVA employees, and they would be paid real market wages.



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