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Reutilization of Office Furniture

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I suggest, in order to create an immediate savings, that we cancel any government office furniture orders (which would not breach a contract) and halt any future orders.

As a member of the armed forces, I can personally attest to the necessity of having to 'scrounge' or reutilize older furniture. This frequently results in a somewhat mismatched, yet fully functional office. I can also attest to having seen good office furniture sent to DRMO in order to create EOY (end-of-year) spending.


I propose that an office needing new furniture could check with DRMO, and other on-base channels before spending is initiated. If specialized furniture is needed or normal furniture is unavailable, at that point an individual spending waiver could be created.


Taking this action would immediately reduce DOD expenditures. Additionally it would free up EOY funds for more mission-critical purchases. Lastly, it would challenge DOD professionals to innovate in order to save their unit, base, and service crucial funding.


I feel I must bring one more thing to the forefront. Continuing education benefits are very likely to be trimmed soon during this budget crisis. In light of the fact that many servicemembers choose to serve because of these benefits, perhaps some of my proposed savings could be redirected in continuing education programs.

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