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Reusing Supplies by Trading Them First before Purchasing

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My Suggestion On Saving the Federal Government Dollars


Reuse supplies that are in very good condition instead of buying new items. Find out what items are needed in other departments within the agency. Find out what items that are in very good condition are not needed or wanted in departments within the Agency. Trade the items that are not needed or wanted by coworkers in some departments with coworkers of other departments who need those same items.


Set it up where coworkers can trade what they don’t need for what they need. This could be set up like a bazaar with the items to be traded set on a table and people who are interested in the items can sign up for the items that they need and include their department and extensions.


After the trading of reuse supplies is over if some items are still needed after that time items that are needed can be purchased. The idea is to reuse what each department within an agency to use what they have on hand to help other coworkers first before purchasing new supplies. This can also be done on a larger scale across the Federal Government.


Solution: It will save the Federal Government money immediately since the agencies will be using items they already have and no money is being spent. In addition, this will protect the environment since the items will be in use and not thrown out into the trash bin.

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