Department of Health and Human Services

Reusing Styrofoam Boxes/Packages

While working at the NIH I see a lot of shipping materials arriving by Styrofoam boxes. We do not reuse or recycle them. They go to the trash straightaway. There is no policy that I know for recycling them. The danger is styrofoam is non-degradable, and it can last FOR EVER as pollutant in the environment. Even metals, such as iron and tin, degrade over a period of hundreds of years but not the styrofoam.


We MUST reuse and recycle styrofoam packages. The way we could implement this is very simple. We can have a storage space for empty styrofoam boxes in every building. This boxes could be reused for further shipping by anybody, even the companies can take them back for free. This would help to save our planet from a human-made permanent pollutant and cut cost as well.



Idea No. 15112