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Retirement changes

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I think one major problem with Americans retiring is that during their working careers, most people do not realize that Social Security is only designed to be 1/3 of their final income. They jump from job to job with no prospect of a pension at the end, and then are shocked with what "little money" they draw from Social Security after all those years putting into it. Americans need educated about SSA.


Another item that is pointless would be the lump sum death benefit. At $255, it is really a mostly irrelevant cost for US Treasury to have to pay out. As for retirement itself, perhaps consider eliminating the ealry retirement and delayed retirement credits and setting the retirment age at 65 across the board so that people are eligible when they become eligible for Medicare.

I would also suggest that the annual earnings limit be eliminated and we allow people to draw and continue to work their full salary job. Although not all people would take advantage of it, the ability to draw retirement and earn full time salary still puts more back into the government and gives greater spending power to the aged community who might need it for health reasons. The availability of this option also helps to promote people to work extra years since their income would be boosted significantly, helping to reduce personal debt in the 65+ demographic of America.

There might also be consideration given to raising the contributions to FICA taxes and eliminate the cap on what is FICA taxable. If someone is making $2 million a year, that is a lot of loss for the Social Security trust, which is already wavering in public confidence.

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