Department of Homeland Security

Restrict the Freedom of a Government Purchase Card

Many Coast Guard members are required to obtain a Government Purchase Card. Following the proper Source of Supply is essential to obtaining supplies and services as well as receiving the proper cost for each item or service.


Here is where we fall short. Too many purchases are being made to big and small companies resulting in waste of funds.


The government needs a centralized supply command where everything can be purchased. From body armor to toilet paper, prices vary from private, corporate, and small business sectors. It would make a lot more sense to have one sole source to obtain goods rather than allow members/employees to find pricing that may not be the lowest or most cost effective to the government.


From a large scale perspective, it would be more cost effective if the Coast Guard and all government agencies switched to a fully federal integrated ordering system that would allow members to order all supplies/services. By doing so, this will save money and manpower, resulting in less time researching the cost for supplies and services and increasing manpower and productivity.



Idea No. 4345