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Department of Defense

Responsibilities & Requirements Relational Database (R3D)

Place all responsibilities and requirements (R&R) for all federal government organizations into a single comprehensive relational database – R3D. For example, in the DoD this would include all service-level, command-level, center-lever, and base-level guidance and instructions.


Delete all R&R from all guidance and instructions and only maintain this information in the R3D. Eventually delete all guidance and instructions in their current form and only maintain this information in the R3D.


Include fields for:

-Source Document (e.g. AFI 63-1201)

-Paragraph (e.g. 2.11.10)

-Responsible Organization (e.g. System Program Office)

-Responsible Position (e.g. Chief/Lead Engineer)

-Responsibility Description (e.g. Has the Chief/Lead Engineer approved independent SME participants nominated by program or project team members?)

-Responsibility Category (e.g. Systems Engineering)


With additional information the R3D could easily be used as a comprehensive self-inspection checklist to prove compliance or identify a corrective action plan for any sortable sub-set of requirements records in the database:

-Applicability (yes or no)

-Compliant (yes, no or NA)

-Proof of Compliance

-Corrective Action Plan


Cost: A relatively small one-time cost, plus minimal ongoing maintenance. A single, small program office has already developed a similar database for Air Force Systems Engineering requirements containing over 900 records from various Instructions, Directives and Manuals.



-$millions/year in man-hours saved

-Easily updatable R&R federal government-wide

-Easily searchable and sortable R&R

-Universal agreement between all R&R and inspection program checklists

-Reduced time to develop inspection checklists

-Increased awareness of R&R for all organizations & positions

-Improved compliance with R&R

-Ability to more easily prioritize R&R at any organizational level

-Improved ability to tie R&R to strategic planning



Idea No. 5360