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Respirable Dust Mailers

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Currently MSHA mails out oversized original copies on 2-part forms to Coal Mine Operators. The forms contain results of Respirable Dust and Quartz samples which are taken at the mine and are submitted by the mine operator and MSHA Inspectors. The dust samples are weighed at the Lab and the Results of Compliance and NonCompliance are computer generated.

In order to save monety and lives mine operators and miners with Black Lung can be notified by email when the concentration of respirable dust and quartz is to high instead of waiting to be notified by regular mail. This would give the mine operator and the miner more time to quickly make needed adjustments to reduce the levels of dust and quartz in the work areas.

The forms that are being mailed out need to be redesigned on special paper so they can be mailed out on 8x11 paper in regular envelopes. This will save money for the cost of the postage and the expensive 3 part forms used at present. Results of Compliance and Non Compliance for Dust and Quartz Analysis could be made available for the mine operators and miners from the MSHA Web Site.

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