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Resource Accounting Reform and Expansion

In the office of systems we're required to account for our entire day by reporting to a system called Resource Accounting. It took us all a while, but we're starting to see the benefit of this accounting when it comes to project resourcing and estimating, as well as tracking who is doing work on a given project, and staying within the resource budget. However, we're the only office doing this. The sponsoring components who give us the work do not account for their time and therefore do not budget their resources. Instead, they send everyone from their office to a meeting and spend wasteful hours debating issues. Because of the large size of these meetings, it is often necessary to bring in a facilitator in order to stay on track and get things done.


IN addition, the current RAS system does not allow for downtime or time spent in negotiations for uninitiated or approved projects. Those resources must be charged to existing projects with current available resources.


Since the RAS system already exists, it would simply be a matter of modifying the existing available RAS codes and implementing the use of the system agency-wide. Then we could see where the resources are being spent, how much a project really costs, and better manage/maximize our resources.

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