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Required Relocation

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Resident inspectors at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are required to move at least every 7 years (that is at least 210 people moving every 2-7 yrs). A large fee is paid to a relocation company (over $100,000) to handle all the house paperwork/moving expenses/house hunting etc for each move. Set up an automated website like eTravel for relocation and let the individuals organize this themselves through cheaper companies with each step laid out clearly on a directive to organize these moves. Currently the relocation process is confusing, the paperwork is difficult to understand and fill out, and hours are spent trying to find out what is reimbursable, what form should be used for what, and trying to get ahold of someone to get answers. So money could be saved by not paying these relocation services such a high fee, and making the process much more clear and simple so that highly paid employees are not wasting days trying to understand and fill out paperwork. It would cost some money to set up the website, but it would end up saving the government a lot of money in the long run.

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