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Require the use of FEMP Energy Savings Performance Contracts

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Maximum use of the DOE/FEMP ESPCs should be made mandatory (not just a recommendation) to conserve and produce as much energy as possible at all federal sites and buildings. The ESPCs provide “self-funding” and easily-authorized energy improvements but are grossly underutilized and largely unknown in the federal system. The ESPCs were established in the mid 1990s to help federal agencies, sites and buildings upgrade energy efficiency (e.g. lighting, water fixtures, insulation, etc.) or to install renewable energy production systems (e.g. PV, geothermal, biomass, etc.) without using taxpayer dollars or congressional appropriations. The contracts are already negotiated and ready to apply to any facility that asks for help. The ESPC provides private funding, engineering, design, installation and maintenance with guaranteed energy performance. The energy system installation cost is paid over time with the money saved or produced by the improvements. Over the life of the program the FEMP claims to have leveraged billions of dollars of private ESPC funding to improve federal facilities; a small fraction of the potential savings. Federal energy costs saved, energy revenue produced and jobs created to upgrade over 500,000 federal buildings and sites would be huge.

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