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Executive Office of the President

Require Non-Citizens to pay up front for medical care.

Anyone who is a non-citizen (No matter where they are from) would have to pay up front for medical care or be denied. Pre-paid debit cards would be required and money could be added to them at any time from any source. If a non-citizen went to the ER, they would have to present their pre-paid card or be denied medical care of any kind. The limit to the care would be the limit of the ability to pay in advance. This is not cruel or inhumane, since they could get all the care they need as long as they can pay first, they can return to the country of their origin and obtain care there, or just not come here. If someone chooses to be in the USA, they must have the ability to pay for their medical care and not come expecting to get care without paying. The choice to come here as a non-citizen would have a consequence of possibly not getting care if you can not pay for it ahead of time. This also helps to reduce the illegal immigration issue to some extent, but the Government would not use the prepaid cards to identify and deport people based on immigration status.



Idea No. 7825