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Social Security Administration

Require Agency Use SSA's Inmate Database To Stop Inmate Benefits

Require all Federal Agencies that provide federal benefits or aid must use the Social Security Administration "Federal Benefit/Prisoner Data Exchange System" when determining benefit eligibility according to the agency policy requirement for individuals, or beneficiaries of individuals, incarcerated in federal prisons.



The Federal Bureau of Prisons currently furnishes SSA with federal inmate data for federal agencies to use in determining federal benefit eligibility.


It is not cost-effective, and a redundancy of effort, for federal agencies to individually request federal inmate data directly from the Federal Bureau of Prisons when federal inmate data is currently being provided to, and is available from, the SSA Federal Benefit/Prisoner Data Exchange System.


Requests for federal inmate data requires the legal and technical development of Computer Matching Agreements or Memorandum of Understanding Agreements between the requesting agency and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. These agreements remain in effect for only a limited period of time (e.g., 30 months or 60 months) and when nearing the expiration of an agreement, the legal and technical departments of each agency need to review and provide any update(s) to the agreement. The technical departments of each agency may also have to implement software/databases changes.


Computer Matching Agreements also add an additional layer of time and effort as they are required to be entered into the Federal Register for Public and Congressional/OMB comment prior to becoming effective (30-40 days).



Idea No. 14934