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Replacement of NMCI with distributed and cloud technologies

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Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), a contractor-operated IT infrastructure, is too costly and out of date. The replacement system, Next Generation (NGEN) IT solution is an ill-defined concept that is basing its design concepts on the money-wasting, antiquated architectures dating as far back as 1969 and ARPANET.


Current technologies exist that would allow the Department of Navy (DON) and the USMC to deploy a fully cloud-based computing environment that would cut the costs of DON computing in about half from the multi-billion dollar programs that exist currently, all without negative impacts on the security posture of the DoD or Federal Government.


Currently, Hewlett Packard (HP) owns and maintains the servers that control web-browsing, e-mail, shared data, and all other primary computing functions within the DON. Many to most of these functions could be outsourced to cloud hosting environments such as Google Cloud, which would not only increase reliability, but also cut costs as the maintenance and life cycle replacement of the computing infrastructure would be incumbent upon the provider and factored into the per-user fees.


Currently, for example, Google's per-user fee is $50-$60 per annum. With their particular cloud service, the DON would gain full-service and secure e-mail, chat, video messaging, application hosting, data storage/sharing. NMCI users currently only have access to limited secure e-mail capabilities, no inherent chat capability and very costly (additional fee) video chat capabilities.


The cost of software licensing between NMCI and a cloud-based environment would remain relatively constant; however, could be significantly reduced if the DON would subscribe to application services such as Google Apps (included in the above fee) or Microsoft Live.


Ultimately, NMCI and similar infrastructures have been based on money-hogging, outdated technologies. Discarding the old system may be costly, but no more so than allowing it to survive.

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