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Replace Three Tires, Not Four

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Government fleet vehicles often have in-service lives well in excess of 50,000 miles, usually requiring tires to be replaced at least one time during their service tenure. A new set of four tires can easily cost $700-$800. However, many of these vehicles carry full size spare tires on stock wheels, which are often never put into service.


I suggest rotating a full size spare tire into use during the vehicle's first tire replacement service. A servicable used tire can then be rotated into the spare position. This results in the purchase of three, not four new tires, and can save the government the cost of one new tire per tire change, which can be around $150-$200 per installed tire. Extrapolated over the many thousands of government fleet vehicles, this can result in a cost savings into the millions of dollars, for essentially no additional effort on behalf of government employees. The good, used tire retained as a spare also saves on tire disposal/recycling fees, and reduces waste. I believe this practice can be implimented with minimal effort and disruption to any agency or employee.

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