Department of Defense

Reorganize the Department of Defense for the 21st century

The "merging" of military warfare technology, information technology, and communications technology as we go through the 21st century will drastically alter the way warfare is conducted. Because of this, we need to simplify, at least on paper, the organizational structure of the Department of Defense. It MUST be organized around the five major functions of the Department of Defense, which are the design, development, deployment, maintenance, and retirement of Weapon Systems. This has been the case throughout our history, and will be the case forever. These functions support he mission of the DoD, which is to defend and protect the citizens of the United States and the interests of the United States around the world. The way warfare has been conducted throughout human history has always been a function of the "technology of the times". That technology will change more rapidly as we go through each decade of the 21st century. The vision of the DoD has to be to be able to conduct warfare remotely, period! That is where we need to get. The current organizational structure in DoD has way way too much duplication and inefficiencies. An organizational structure that is based on the five major functions of DoD will save BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars. Technology will push the DoD in this direction, whether they like it or not. This is inevitable. It is like a freight train going down the tracks. This will happen! I wrote a word document seven years ago that contains more details if anyone wants to see it. One other thing. As we get further and further into the 21st century, the battle space of the future will be computers and the human brain. That is because the root cause of all warfare is the human brain. The goal is to be able to shape, alter, control or influence the brain of your adversary without them ever knowing it. This cost saving idea will save the government and the DoD more money than all of the other cost saving ideas submiited in this program, guaranteed!



Idea No. 802