Department of Defense

Remove Mandatory "Service Dress"

In most branches, they have decided that wearing the Service Dress or "blues" is mandatory at least one day per week. While this may seem like a good idea to a general who sits behind a desk, in an air conditioned office all day long... it is FAR from realistic for most the jobs handled in the military. The cost of the uniforms to be constantly replaced, cleaned and altered is a burden to the people who wear them. Worst off, it costs more and more money to keep ordering and issuing the uniform. The service dress lowers moral and reduces workplace efficiency. Let the service members wear their normal ABU/ACU/ Field uniforms and ONLY require they wear their service dress during official events that mandate its wear. This will boost morale and make the workers feel like the leadership is actually in tune with what they need. This will save money on uniforms and help ensure the quality of productivity.



Idea No. 3028