Department of Defense

Remove Golf Courses from AF Installations

The Air Force constructs and maintains golf courses on the majority of installations. The running joke (which is not so funny) is that the first thing the AF built on the installation was the golf course and the second was the airfield. I know of one installation that has *two* golf courses and a major construction project was going to take one; in order for the project to proceed they had to agree to build a replacement golf course! Many the AF installations are located in communities which have public courses nearby – and it is impossible or very difficult for non-military to get access to the AF courses. The courses are a constant drain of resources, both monetarily and in natural resources, with the grass being irrigated in most instances by potable (drinkable) water. One installation I know of is located in an arid region with major water supply issues including aquifer depletion yet they continue to irrigate their golf course. There is vast resistance internal to the AF to even meter the water used for irrigation as the fear appears to be that if the facts become known then there will be more pressure to close/discontinue their use. I’m not advocating to pave over AF golf courses but I do advocate for them to stop irrigating them and let them revert to the natural/regional state (and not a manicured lawn).



Idea No. 5700