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Remove Desktop Printers

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Most desktops here at my office and six other office I provide I.T. services to have personal printers assigned to them when there is a network printer two cubes down. When adding up costs for toner and color cartridges across all agencies this amounts to an incredible amount of money. Costs associated:


1. Lump sum of printer cost ranging $50 to $500


2. Toner or printer cartridge cost ranging $45 to $150


3. Depreciation and frequent repairs. Parts at times exceed total cost of printer.


4. Paper Costs ranging $8 - $15 per 100 sheets


5. Time spent by contractors and Fed employees

installing and troubleshooting these printers instead of working on more productive projects.


This alone can save the Government lots of money when implementing across all agencies and I strongly believe this can make a difference.

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