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Remove Desktop Computers, Install central Office level servers

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As everyone is aware, computers are everywhere. What most people do not realize is how little your computer is being used. Like the human brain most computers are only using a fraction of their available power. Other computers have too little memory or are kind of slow.


What can be done is to do away with the individual desktops and install a large, powerful central computer for multiple users. The theory works like this:


Each user routinely uses a small fraction of the available computing power of their unit, around 5%. If twenty users can all use 5% at the same time then we are getting the maximum benefit out of the one device purchase.


Each user has their own monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. but they all attach to one central server. The hard drive is shared with each user having their own set of personal folders. The main computer is obviously more expensive than an average desktop but not more expensive than 20 average desktops.

It may seem as though computer performance will suffer but, done properly, each computer will be more powerful than average as processor speed and memory capacity on a high-end multi user machine are much better than the average desktop, even when more than one user is connected.


This also saves money on computer administrative costs. IT policy needs only be installed once. Software needs only be installed once. Maintenance needs only be done to one computer. Updates only need to be performed on one computer. Only one communications line needs to be installed. An on and on and on.


In addition data protection is increased. All data is backed up and set on a redundant array (RAID) so no individual computer crash can wipe out the last year’s work.


New employees also benefit. Gone are the days of waiting for a new computer to be purchased and configured by IT. The employee simply sits down and logs in.

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