Department of Homeland Security

Relocation of equipment asset outdated

In light of the fact that CBP has an extensive inventory of equipment that is old, outdated and is currently being stored in warehouses, parking lots and offices throughout the country. I’m suggesting, based on my experience in overseas operations, that CBP donate outdated items to our partner countries who are working for freedom and democracy around the world. Partner countries, especially those in the third world, who are combating terrorism, illegal weapons, narcotics and currency smuggling will make good use of CBP donated equipment.




CBP has an assortment of equipment that is considered obsolete and of no real advantage to CBP operations. This equipment is costing CBP, in wasted funds for rental space, security and electricity. If donated, this equipment will not jeopardize the national security of our Country. CBP should eliminate the red tape to get a project like this completed as soon as possible and provide as much of our outdate technology items to our partners around the world. We should also provide training in the use and maintenance of any donated CBP equipment.




Ultimately CBP will need to scrap this equipment, we can and will reduce storage costs and damage to the environment by having a comprehensive plan to deal with outdated items that are costing CBP and of no benefit to our operations. This is a win, win for us and our partner countries; it will enhance cooperation between countries and save CBP millions of dollars.

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