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Relocation - Home of Record

Relocation Cost Cutting

Establish a Home of Record


I suggest that Federal Government employees be allowed to establish a home of record similar to the U.S. Military and PHS. Currently staff must re establish themselves as they move from state to state with each move. They must register their vehicles (with costs ranging from $300 $3000), get a new driver’s license (from $10 $50), and use administrative leave (costing the Federal Government between $10 $50 an hour for 8 hours).


Using an estimate of 10,000 moves annually, the Federal Government would save approximately $300,000.00 on the driver’s licenses (at $30 a license). We would also save $5,000,000.00 on vehicle registration (average of $500 per vehicle). If you take the average time for a staff member to take care of both items (8 hours) of administrative leave (at an average of $30 per hour), that would be approximately $2,4000,000.00 that the Federal Government is paying for staff members to attend to this each time they move to another state.


By allowing a home of record, the Federal Government would realize a savings of at least $10,400,000.00 per year, using the 10,000 moves a year as a starting point.


Although this is a significant savings, I do not work with relocations so I’m sure there are other significant savings and probably many more paid moves annually.



Idea No. 10565