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Relocation Cost Cutting - Pay for PCS Moves with Pre-paid cc

I have a suggestion that, if implemented, will save the government millions of dollars a year. I suggest that PCS moves be paid by the Federal Government with a pre paid credit card. The staff member would receive a card they would use to pay for everything involved in the move process. The amount would depend on the number of dependents and their ages, and the mileage to the new duty station.

This would save millions because the Federal Government would not have to reimburse the employees for the taxes they incur because of the move. This would be in addition to the thousands that could be saved by eliminating the 2nd year RITA.

The second savings would be in staffing and salaries. The Relocation Department staffing could e cut because the computations and paperwork currently associated with a move would be cut significantly. They would issue the pre paid card to pay for the move and settle with the employee after the move is completed.

The third savings would be the office space, paperwork, files, mailing costs, fax costs, and office supplies that would be eliminated because of the reduced paperwork required.

In summary, the Federal Government, and ultimately the taxpayers would save millions by the Federal Government paying for PCS moves with a pre paid credit card. It would save in:

1)Taxes that would not have to be paid because the money is not paid to the employee.

2)Salaries of the staff positions that could be eliminated because of the elimination of paperwork.

3)Paperwork, mailing, and supplies would be greatly reduced.

4)Office space



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