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Reinvest in your own budget

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The current process to excess property is extremely time consuming and burdensome on property officers. For property under $10,000 federal offices do not receive any return on investment by disposing of property through GSAXcess. The items that are no longer useful or phased out tend to be pushed to the out of site out of mind corner.


Agencies could receive a monetary return on their time and energy to excess property if they utilized websites like EBay and Craigslist. The money earned on sales of unwanted and obsolete items would be placed back into that offices budget. Take office furniture as an example. In most cases you can’t give it away on GSAXcess. If you were to post it on Craigslist for a local pickup you could have it sold within days. The same goes for computers. People will pay good money for computers that we have removed the hard drives from.


Now, more so then ever we need to be resourceful with how we even treat our unwanted items. As the old adage goes “One mans trash is another mans treasure.”

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